We started off as a weekend project a couple of years back with the sole aim of spreading happiness. In the first year we saw around 3,000 visitors visiting the site. The numbers have gone up 10 folds since then! The site hosts popular short stories, life hacking tips, famous quotations, entertaining videos and funny pictures. Till date we've served over 1.2 million web requests from across the globe. The pages per visit stands close to 2.

It now contributes its short stories to leading institutes across the globe for educational purposes. Very recently one of our stories got published in the grade 3 text books of Eduvation School Network, Lebanon - a leading school network with its branches spread across the Middle East.


  1. The domain was booked on December 2, 2009. As of December 2015, the domain is 6 years old.
  2. The site was fully functional only a couple of years back.
  3. Leading educational institutes like Eduvation School Network, Lebanon have included short stories of in their study materials.
  4. Short stories of are taught by leading educational institutes across 6 countries.
  5. Users from every country in the world have visited at least once.
  6. Till December 2015, the site has served over 1.2 million web requests.
  7. Users on an average browse 2+ pages and spend around 1 minute 32 seconds per session.
  8. 56.1% users visiting are female.
  9. 45.26% users visiting are teenagers in the age group of 18-24.
  10. Although not heavily monetized, the primary source of earnings are contextual advertisements, sponsored advertisements and affiliate marketing.

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